Pokemon GSC - Lavender Town

Why are striped tshirts the fucking best.
CNV00004-2 on Flickr. Manchester Art Gallery 
Footsteps Beyond. Album cover for new EP.

so happy to get a copy of this second time round :)

Wheres my binanaamilkshake when i need her


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Andrew Lyman

»The release gathers a cluster of young producers around a conceptual vision of today’s music, constructing an 8 track hybrid of ambient, house and techno that’s on the verge of revealing some exciting new prospects. Amongst those producers, Space Afrika, Gohan and Raw M.T. to name just a few, deliver a solid impression and it makes no doubt that we’ll hear more of them very soon.« Inverted Audio

»Straight out of Cologne, this compilation delivers excellent slices of techno and ambient from a whole host of exciting new talent. Quite a raw Detroit-y edge to a lot of these tracks — all highly recommended. Tape only for now but… surely digital/vinyl soon?« Igloo Magazine

Want more info?
Detailed info about the release and the featured
artists can be found in the LLM001 infosheet.

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Really happy to be featuring on this with the fellow artists, big up everyone involved.