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Three children in Kano dressed in uniforms bought by their father during his last pilgrimage to Mecca. Kano. 1982.Vintage Nigeria

Get me to that fuckin party

Moon b ‘Those Moments’
Kai Alce ‘Rockin K -Tel’
Pittsburgh Track Authority ‘Cara Cara’
G Marcell ‘Funky Watsui’
Luke Hess ‘Tolex’
Mike huckaby ‘Analog tapes and things’
Martin De Brig ‘Morning has Broken’
Asok ‘Hunter’ Versalife remix
Rai Scott ‘Sky In The clouds’
Michael Zucker ‘Second Coming’
Gobi ‘White Dwarf’
Cloudface ‘Salamander’
Steevio ‘Cyfnos’
Four Tet ‘Bachla’
Chicago Skyway ‘Mosquito’
Head High ‘Mega Trap’
Anaxander ‘Wild Grass’
Jeremiah R ‘Far Sight’
Nick Lapien ‘Motif’
Voiceless ‘Second nature’
Hakim Murphy ‘Ally’
Patricia ‘Waiting For Alexis’
Rai Scott ‘Keep On’
Obergman ‘Quilted Omniverse’

Need to stop drifting off at inappropriate times…damn :(

Featuring on this 8 track compilation , which you can stream here. Released on cassette in October.


Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto - By This River

Good morning

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Foreign Office. l’Arca 94 June 1995



WIID02 coming soon

NPLGNN ‘Sigma/Tau’ 12” EP

A1 - Acid UFO, A2 - K, B1 - Variance I, B2 - Variance II

First press of 200 come housed in sleeve by WALLDDIZZY



c60 tape release curated by Phil Latch, distributed by Noorden
w/ Supreems, RDMA, Space Afrika, RAW M.T., Gohan, Annanan, Aschof Mal and Earthen Sea
out in early October 2014 via www.noorden.org/llm